Pure Essential Massage Oil  






Shoulder and Lymph Massage Oil $98/238ml

The Shoulder and Lymph Massage oil is produced from essential oils of natural lemon grass, rosemary, ginger, eucalyptus and etc to suit the massage purpose.  It is effective for the improvement of blood circulation around lymph system, increasing the effect of disease-resistant and regulation of blood circulation system. It is able to relieve the pain of muscles, reduce the amount of lactic acid; reduce the effect of being tired due to overwork. It makes muscles fast recovery to have energy . It also releases tension and stress to improve emotion and vitality. It is effective for keeping body healthy as well as for the improvement of emotion



Shiu-shing Rose whitening and beautifying skin care essential oil $168/50ml

Shiu-shing rose whitening and beautifying skin care essential oil contains pure rose oil, rose seed oil, natural jojoba oil and Vitamin E. Pure rose oil can suitably tighten the skin, diminish the effects from melanin and dark spots, makes aged dry skin smooth, looking young and white. Rose seed oil can make  skin smooth, whiten and beautify and can avoid the skin from becoming in loose shape.  It can also lighten the effects from  scars,  acne, keeping skin from moisture loss and prevent pigmentation.

Accompanying with jojoba oil which is highly permeable and mostly can reach ossein in bones, pure rose oil and rose seed oil can perform their functions more easily such as to make skin absorb quickly and completely. Vitamin E oil is highly resistant to oxidation which can make skin more flexible and looking young.

Shiu-shing Rose whitening and beautifying skin care essential oil containing four important skin care elements can lead living exciting and brilliant.



Rose Hydrating Essence $168/50ml

It contains pure hyaluronic acid and Bulgarian rose hydrosol. Hyaluronic acid can improve skin hydration and epidermal metabolism, potentially reversing the cellular aging process to keep the skin soft, silky, and young, which is a powerful moisturizer suitable for all skin types to smooth the roughness of skin.

In synergism with our Refreshing and Whitening Squalane Rose Essence, the power of aromatherapy removes wrinkles, reduces melanin production and combats pigment and dark spots.


Refresing and Whitening Squalance Rose Essence $168/50ml

It contains pure rose oil from Bulgarian grown damask rose (Rosa damascena), squalane, rose hip seed oil and Vitamin E. Squalane is a saturated derivative of natural squalene, which is found in youthful skinas the major component of sebum. Being a supreme emollient, squalane can soften the superficial cuticle and drastically reduce the loss of water from the skin. Antioxidant and free-radical scavenger activity have been demonstrated; they together contribute to the prevention of skin aging, keeping the skin delicate and smooth.

Squalane has a small molecular size and lipophilicity which allows it to quickly penetrate and permeate the skin to serve as a stable carrier for the nutritive natural compounds in natural rose oil, rose hip seed oil and Vitamin E into deeper layers to fully nourish the skin. In aromatherapy,pure rose oil has been used to help tightening the skin, remove wrinkles, reduce melanin production and combat pigment and dark spots, transforming mature, dry skin into delicate whiteness.

Complementing the synergistic power of natural rose oil, rose hip seed oil,Vitamin E and squalane, maintenance of youthful healthy skin with white radiance and elasticity is here and now! 


Shiu Shing Men's Skincare Serum $168/50ml

It contains natural squalane (Squalane, SQ), pure essential oils of rosemary extract and Vitamin E. Squalane is the main element of young skin, it's fine molecule highly penetrate, non-greasy
and moisture skin rapidly. Improve rough and dull skin, tightening pores, refining wrinkles, make skin healthy and elastic. Rosemary promoting qi and activating blood circulation, activate the brain cells, energetic, clear thinking. Vitamin E is highly antioxidant to prevent skin aging, assort with squalane and rosemary vitality complement. To achieve the best skin care regimen can keep skin young and healthy, to show masculinity!

Shiu Shing Natural Essence Hair Recuperating $118/100ml

It contains serval naturally protected and hair growth improvement essence, can reduce hair loss effectively. Stimulate to improve of hair regrowth, hair become darken and shiny. Keep hair thicken, look outstanding and being charm.
Main ingredients :
Rosemary  :  promote blood circulation, help hair growth and shiny. 
Vitamin B5 :  stimulates cell and prevent hair loss.
Ylang-Ylang :  can promote hair regeneration and shinny. 
Cedarwood Atlas : prevent hair loss, makes hair root cells function more active.
Thyme :  inhibition of hair fall and prevent dandruff. 





Massage Oil




 Invigorating Massage oil
(Bergamot, Thyme, Neroli, Lavender, Eucalyptus)


Freshens to make mood bright; reduces anxiety to make mood bright; has the effect of calming down; makes brain awake; helps digestion; reduces body odor. Alleviates tension and strain; balances central nervous system; stabilizes emotion; pacifies twitchy; prevents flue; reduces blood pressure. Prevents respiratory infections; alleviates the effects from bronchitis, asthma, cold; prevents flue; improves the situation of lung disease; stabilizes emotion; concentrates attention. Helps digestion system; defends enterorrhea;  improves secretion; disease-resistant; solves suffering from insomnia; reduces muscle ache. Encourages emotion actively, release tension and stress; recovery of energy. Not suitable for sunbath and pregnant women.

Detoxifying Slimming Massage Oil
(Geranium, Sandalwood


Regulates the amount of hormone; benefits for urines; gets rid of poisonous substances; enhances circulatory system; releases tension and stress; urges feeling; defends larynx pain, cough, mucosa inflammation, diarrhoea; calms down; spirit relaxing; smoothes away nervous. Urges feeling and defends larynx pain. Not Suitable for pregnant women and the persons who are in depressed mood

Relaxation Massage Oil
(Clary Sage, Marjoram, Lavender, Rose Mary)


Prevents depression; reduces worries; inspires spirit; antiseptic, well balance and nurse impaired health for women. Well balance in hormone secretes; urges feelings. Eases headache; smoothes the suffering from insomnia; reduces high blood pressure; removes fatigue; prevents flue; Alleviates the effect caused by the sickness of headache, faint, senseless of the arms and legs, pain caused, cold, and stomach-ache. Strengthens memory; keeps brain awake; improve emotion and increases vitality.   Not suitable for pregnant women, persons having high blood pressure, or epilepsy disease.

Rose & Lemon Firming Massage oil ( Rose grass, lemon grass )


Smoothes emotion; keeps calm; disease-resistant; helps digestion system working well; keeps wet and prevents dry; helps the growth of outer skins. Recovery of vitality; improves appetizing; releases the pain from sore throat and tied feet; tightens muscles to encourage decompression; perks up and makes brain bright. Keeps wet and prevents dry; helps the growth of outer skins



Fennel Slimming Massage Oil
(Fennel Oil)


Defends wrinkly; has purification effect; keeps wet; removes poison and reduces weight; improves secretion. Antiseptic; prevents catching cold ; eases migraine; helps mind and body being equanimity. Not suitable for pregnant women, persons having high blood pressure, or epilepsy disease.
Enhancing Beauty Massage Oil
(Patchouli, Lavender, Cypress, Geranium)
Regulates the amount of hormone; benefits for urines; gets rid of poison; enhances circulatory system; releases tension and stress. Reduces the anxiety and depression; balances the psychology. Alleviates tension and strain; balances central nervous system; stabilizes emotion; pacifies twitchy; prevents flue; reduces blood pressure. Not suitable for pregnant women and the persons who have low blood pressure. It may hurt sensitive skin
Lavender Massage Oil
Alleviates tension and strain; balances central nervous system; stabilizes emotion; pacifies twitchy; prevents flue; reduces blood pressure; builds up a good look of body;  prevents the effects from ageing and sunburn; suitable for the cure for rheumatism and wounded joints. Must not be used by pregnant women at the beginning period and the persons who have low blood pressure

Tea Tree Massage Oil


Antiseptic and analgesia; prevents cold, rash, mucosa inflammation, moniliasis , genitals infection etc. Moreover, it can be used to anti upset, fresh mind, recovery of vitality.  
Rosemary Massage Oil It alleviates the effect caused by the sickness of headache, faint, senseless of the arms and legs. It strengthens memory, keeps brain awake, improves emotion. It has a good function naturally for antiseptic. Not suitable for pregnant women, persons having high blood pressure, persons having epilepsy disease
Roman  Chamomile  Massage Oil It is good for dry and sensitive skins. For the treatments, it has good effect for rash, eczema, tinea, split of blood capillary. It also has the effect for relieving muscle pain, reducing the pain of headache and removing urine calculus. It also can be used for relaxation. Not suitable for pregnant woman. Do not use in high concentration

Ginger massage Oil


Strengthens our body to resist the situation being infected by flu. Alleviates the effects coming from arthritis, cramp, muscle aches, dizzy caused by transporting on boats or cars, cough, too much phlegm ; excites spirit, helps remember, activates thinking. Could not be used with high concentration and not suitable in the merge of hot oil or being used under hot environment.
Red Rose massage Oil Anti-depression; makes comfortable; raises up emotion; well balance and makes suitable adjustment to the health of women; balances the amount of hormone secretes; urges feelings. Not suitable for pregnant women

Jasmine massage Oil


Perks up; makes mood bright; balances hormone secretes; smoothes unsteady emotion and menstrual spasm from menopause; pacifies emotion; improves the situation of impotence, premature ejaculation and sex cold.

Not suitable for the use  under sun bathing

Sandalwood Massage Oil

Urges feeling; defends larynx pain, cough, mucosa inflammation, diarrhoea; calms down , spirit relaxing, smoothes away nervous.

Not suitable for the use when a person under  depressed mood


   Base Oil ( Carrier Oil     

Base oil is also called carrier oil or media oil. Because most pure essential oil cannot be wiped on the skin directly (except Lavender and Tea Tree), the pure essential oil can be used only on skin after diluting with the base oil. The base oil is extracted from flower, nut or the oil of seed. Much base oil itself possess the medical effect. To be a base oil from vegetable oil, it must be non-vaporized and  no chemical treatment.


Base oil



Tea Flower Seed Oil (Spring Flower Oil in Japanese name)

The oil is purely natural for the care of skin. It contains more than 80% unsaturated fat acid. It is the most suitable type of vegetable oil for the use to human skin. It can easily be absorbed by human skin. It can provide natural energy for the cells of the bottom skin as well as to protect water, avoid the heavy evaporation of the moisture from the skin. It can improve the situation for the dry or wrinkle skins. It can reduce the pore and has the properties of anti-ageing and anti-oxidant. It can reduce the light black spots and marks of spots. It can also reduce the effect from ultraviolet ray and air pollution.

Jojoba Oil Contains abundant protein, mineral substances, and is very close to the collagen of skin. It permeates into skin strongly.  The stability is extremely high in the protection of moisture and oil. It can keep the content of moisture within the skin, prevent the wrinkle and soften the skin. It is most suitable for cosmetology. After the application, it has smooth feeling for the skin, especially for facial purpose. It can also be used for hair maintenance, to improve the quality of coarse hair, prevent hair from sunburn branching, make the hair pitch-black and soft.

Sweet Almond

Contains vitamins A,  B1,  B2,  B6, E, protein and fatty acid. The lubricating effect is high but fresh and cool. Suitable for baby, wrinkle acne and sensitive skins. It has good effect to keep moisture and soften skins. It is suitable for whole body massage, pure essential oil treatment in itching, redness, dryness and inflammation. It can be mixed with other types of pure essential oil in the treatment. It is suitable for various kinds of skins.
Grape-seed Oil Contains two important elements: lionleic acid and oligo proanthocyanidin. It permeates into skin strongly. It is not greasy but fresh. It is easy to absorb by skin. It resists free radical and defends the bad effect from ageing. Helps absorb vitamin C and E. It strengthens the circulatory system, resists the ultraviolet injury, protects the collagen of the skin, keeps the elasticity and tension of skin, prevents the skin from being flagging and wrinkle.
Olive Oil Contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acid, gentle and no stimulation. Has the functions of relaxing the effect from sunburn. Can be used for slimming, reduction of the effects from ageing, sunburn, rheumatism and the injury of bones. It can also be used for hair oil .
Evening Primrose Oil Contains abundant magnesium, zinc, vitamin C,  E, B6 and nicotinic acid. Suitable for the ripe and sensitive skin. It can reduce the effect from eczema, improve the recovery from wound, help the growth of nails and solve the difficult problem from the diseases of skins. In the fragrant treatment, it can be mixed with milk, balsam or other suitable types of pure essential oil to improve the medical effect in the cure of eczema and opsoriasis. For base oil application, it only need to add 10% dosage into the vegetable oil.

Avocado Oil


Contains abundant mineral substances, protein, vitamin A, B, B2, D, E, phosphorus fat and a large amount of linoleic acid ,etc.. Suitable for the use for dry skin, sensitive, lack of water, eczema skin. It regulates body properly, reduces the effect of black dots. It has good effect in reducing wrinkles. It belongs to relatively heavy quality and permeates deeply base oil. Consequently, it is not suitable to use alone. 10%  of total amount is enough in the application.  
Peach Kernel Oil Contains vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C and mineral substances. It moists and strengthens the growth of skin cells. It has nutrition, relaxing and therapeutical characteristics. The peach kernel oil can moist and strengthens the growth of skin cells. It is especially suitable for the persons who are of wax yellow skin or the peeling off of skins on face peels: help the relaxation of body. For early-maturing, sensitive, and dry skins, additive 10-50% .
Wheat-germ Oil Contains abundant protein, pantothenic acid, nicotinic acid, vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 D, E and mineral substances such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, and etc.. It also contains unsaturated fatty acid and linoleic acid. It also contains natural vitamin E, has anti-oxidant effect. It can remove the free radical, promote body metabolism, prevent the effects from ageing. It also makes regeneration of skins. It has the effect in nourishing dry skin, dark dots, scar, eczema, psoriasis and the stretch marks.

St. John wort oil

For the treatment, it has the good effect on skin wound, hurt from burning or cutting, sunburn, bites from mosquitos and hematoma. It also has the effect on relaxing pain, resisting inflammation, reducing muscle pain, arthritis, gout, rheumatism, youth small pox, eczema, varix.


Rose bip seed Oil


Suitable for general skin or aging skin. It has the effects to soften, whiten, reduce stretch marks, promotes the growth of recycled functions. It can improve the effect on scar and youth small pox. It has the good effect on keeping skin moisture content. It also can be used for preventing precipitation of pigments after sun shining. Prevents the effect from sunburn. Add 10% in the common use and up to 100% can be used for very aging skin.


There are many other types of base, pure essential massage oil not listed above provided by the company. Both wholesale and retail sale are welcome. Please contact us for any enquiry.

(The above information were collected from a variety of relevant books. For details, please consult the professional experts in pure essential, base, massage oils.)

(Remark: The above information was translated from Chinese version. If there is any difference between them, the Chinese version is needed to be used.)