Household Chemicals

1. "Tsang Sir" recommends the following items for Housekeeping & House Cleaners

1 Heavy Oily Cleaning Dirty Powder  2. Effective Cleaning Cream
3. Psectrum 4. Butyl  butyrate
5. Active Carbon 6. Caustic Soda
7. Aqua ammonia 8. Soda Ash
9. Boric Acid 10. Sodium borate 
11. Citric Acid 12. Sodium bicarbonate
13. Sulphur Powder 14. Chlorine
15 I. P. A. (99%)

16. Silver Polish Kit / Brass & Copper Cleaning Kit

17. Trichloroethylene 18. Luminescence
19. Formalin 20. Antcides Insecticide

There are many other item not listed above for housekeeping and house cleaners recommended by "Tsang Sir" are available in our company. Please contact us for any inquiries. Both wholesale and retail sale are welcome.


2. Housekeeping  &  House Cleaners

1. Natural Essence Disinfectant Spray   120ml-$88


Some plants have natural antibacterial defenses effects. Extracting the essence of aromatherapy oils is more effective. It contains ravensara, tea tree oil, oregano essential oil, lavender, etc., the most precious perfume oil for topical anti-inflammatory prevention with high efficacy. It is able enhance immunity, for the prevention of influenza, and to relieve discomfort.


2. Shiu Shing Hong Natural Aromatherapy Oil for Anti-mosquito

 130ml-$25 2000ml-$178

Shiu Shing Hong Natural Aromatherapy Oil for Anti-mosquito is formulated with traditional natural aromatherapy. It is strong, long lasting, safe and reliable. It can be directly sprayed on hands, feet, necks or shirts.  It is harmless to our body.


3. Shiu Shing Hong Sprayed Liquid for the Removal of Worms and Insects

 130ml-$35 500ml (with spray nozzle)-$150


The liquid is manufactured from natural plants. It is powerful to drive away worms and insects, particularly suitable for Hong Kong living environment with wet weather where worms and insects are more than other dry weather places. It can be sprayed to wall paper, sofas, carpets, clothing cabinets, desks or any other kinds of furniture. It is effective, safe, reliable and harmless to human body.


3. Popular Cleaners

1. C Y K  Heavy Oily Dirty Cleaner

C Y K  Heavy Oily Dirty Cleaner is an alkalis cleaner. It is manufactured for the purpose of removing away old heavy oily dirty. It is powerful to clean heavy oily dirty in kitchen. It is easy to apply CYK to clean any oil which are either adipose or botanical. It is powerful and easy to use.



Direction: Put it on the dirty part. Then gently rinse and water wash. For stubborn oil, use 1 time water and ordinary oil, use 2-3  water.

CAUTION: use rubber gloves when cleaning, avoid contact with eyes and skin.

2. CYK Disinfectant 2000ml- $45 5000ml- $88

CYK Disinfectant formulated with natural botanicals and anti-bacteria ingredients. Ideal for personal, domestic and public hygienic use. Scened with fresh frangrance after use.


For bathing and as detergent for clothing. 1 part of CYK Disinfectant with 100 parts of water.

Shopping mall, office, hotel, elderly home, school, hospital and other public area. 1 part of CYK Disinfectant with 70 parts of water.

Do not use CYK Disinfectant to clean wound.


3. CYK-108   Stone Cleaner 1000ml- $26 5000ml- $68

CYK 108 Stone Cleaner is a powerful acid cleaner, which can removes the durable dirt on marble, vinyl files, tile, bathtub, wash basin and toilet bowl immediately without damaging the surface and leaving in a glossy condition.

CYK 108 Stone Cleaner is most suitable for decoration & construction industry and domestic use.


For light soil: 1 part of CYK 108 Stone Cleaner with 5 parts of water.

For heavy soil: without any mix of water.

Using CYK 108 Stone Cleaner with sweeper, brush and then rinse. Must wear gloves when use it.

Must not mix with other cleaner in the usage. Avoid to contact it with skin and eye. In case of contact, flush with water and consult physician. If swallowed, drink plenty of water and consult physician immediately. Keep out of reach of children.


(Remark: The above information was translated from Chinese version. If there is any difference between them, the Chinese version is needed to be used.)