1. The shop only accepts payment by cash or cheque in transactions.

2. The shop has provided the essential oils in large bottles for customers to test delicious smell. Other bottles of goods should not be opened without permission.

3. For the application of any goods, customers have responsibility to inquire into the relevant data to ensure that they are correct in using. The information from our staff is for reference only. Customers should check on their own about the use. For any consequences caused by improper use of products, the company is not responsible.

4. Our shop only supplies raw materials and does not provide teaching. Customers should study on their own. (Attend study class or find data from reference books.)

5. Customers are advised to prepare a clear list of their required products with correct names in Chinese or English so our staff can handle the transactions more efficiently.

6. The goods sold in our shop are for external use only, not for eating, unless they are indicated that the product can be eaten.

7. For the inquiry of wholesale prices, the delivery or other issues, please email to . Our company staff will reply as soon as possible. 


(Remark: The above information was translated from Chinese version. If there is any difference between them, the Chinese version is needed to be used.)